Improve staff health and productivity in a few simple, proven steps….

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Step One:

Health Checks

Every employee gets a comprehensive health check so we can tailor the BtS programme to their individual needs.

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Step Two:

Habit checks

We educate staff about poor office habits – particularly prolonged sitting – and nudge them towards more productive habits.

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Step Three:

Active office

Easy physical challenges are just one of the ways BtS gets people to move more, sit less and so become more productive.

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Step Four:


Our continued support helps staff to keep their new, active work habits and productivity over the long-term – a great result for the individual and for the company they work for!

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The BtS programme overview

Watch our short video of BtS in action and see how our team interacts with staff.

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“Working with Mark at Beat the Seat we have successfully changed the working behaviours of our people and created more dynamic and active work places. We have over 70 consultants in roles that involve significant desk work and meeting time - we wanted to ensure this isn't detrimental to their wellbeing. The feedback from our people was extremely positive and the project will have a long-lasting impact on the way our teams organise time and their working behaviours.”

C Tattersall, CEO, Citypress

The BtS programme

The four steps in more detail....

See how we tailor-make the programme to each workplace so it’s right for you, fits in seamlessly with your working practices and gets proven results for your staff.

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To boost health & productivity, the answer is simple!

 Move more & sit less!

Impartial scientific results show that after a typical BtS intervention, staff move around more (a boost of 19%), sit down far less (23%) and become 9% more productive. They can also shed up to 2kg in weight (that’s roughly 2 inches off their waistline, without the need for a gym or a diet!)



We’re not the only ones who think it’s important to ‘Beat the Seat’.

There’s plenty of support to show the difference it can make. Find out more here. …


The importance of workplace health….

Get it right and it can reduce absenteeism, boost productivity and save money...

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Staff health in numbers

Scientifically evaluating the BtS effect

To evaluate how staff can avoid ‘the sitting disease’ at work, Beat the Seat collaborated with The University of Bedfordshire and the Leicester Diabetes Centre in a thorough scientific evaluation. The main aim of the research was to establish what effect the simple behaviour changes advocated by BtS had on office staff performance at Kier

An employer’s thoughts

“A health intervention at work is important to our staff”….  Kier Group took part in Beat the Seat’s scientific survey assessing the effectiveness of their programme. Their Health and Wellbeing Specialist, Carol Wells, gave her thoughts on the impact the programme had on the company and the feedback from their staff. “We wanted to encourage

A participant’s view

I was initially a little apprehensive as I wasn’t sure what to expect from the programme. There was something in the back of my mind though telling me to go and see what it was all about and I’m so glad that I did. From the start the way the programme was structured made you