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Prolonged sitting has become a real problem, but one we can fix! Watch our videos

Prolonged sitting is now known to be so dangerous for us that scientists are calling it ‘The Sitting Disease’.  The reasons for this are numerous but countless studies show that something as harmless as sitting is anything but. Productivity slumps, health deteriorates and weights balloon. And the worse thing about all this is that exercise is little defence.

But there is an answer to improving staff health and productivity. And that answer is sitting behaviour change. Using a bit of BtS know-how, staff become healthier, more productive and slimmer! As well as that, our programmes are also cost-effective, sustainable and  scientifically proven to work.

Founder and osteopath, Mark McCall, explains,
“We firmly believe that our sedentary lives cause of many of the health and productivity problems faced by the modern world. The evidence is clear – the more we sit, the worse we do. At Beat The Seat, we want to reverse that trend.“

After all, helping people to make achievable, realistic changes to their working lives has a massive impact, both on the individual’s health and on  the bottom-line.

Every programme we develop has one simple goal in mind – to improve the health and productivity  of as many staff members as possible by changing simple behaviours. To change the habits of a life-time effectively and sustainably though can take time, so each of our programmes lasts approximately 4-6 weeks. Each programme we construct is carefully engineered to deliver long-term value, to ensure the rewards keep coming long after we’ve left.

Beat the Seat was founded in 2014 on a simple principle – to help as many people as possible to become as healthy and productive as possible. It’s registered in the UK, at 93 Green Lane, Chichester, PO19 7NU and its company and VAT numbers are 10267754 & 251475313 respectively.

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Our Team of Associates

  • Mark McCall

    Registered Osteopath and Ergonomist with over 15 years hands-on clinical experience. Mark founded Beat the Seat in 2015 after similar interventions gained superb results for his patients.
  • Louise Gallagher

    Human Capital Adviser
    A senior HR business consultant with over 20 years experience, Louise delivers effective HR solutions across all disciplines. Working within large multi-national firms, she balances the commercial needs of organisations with the individual needs of people.
  • Jeremy Lloyd

    Cyber & Information Security
    With over 30 years I.T. experience, Jeremy specialises in technology and security as well as legal and corporate governance. He has held roles as Technical Director, CTO and CISO for international technology companies and is a qualified GDPR Practitioner.
  • Zaid Almashta

    Chief Medical Officer
    Zaid qualified as a medical doctor in 1996 and has worked in many clinical settings, including Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. He partners his general practitioner’s surgery with a keen interest in physical activity and holds several clinical roles at various sporting events.
  • Steve Sellers

    Beat the Seat Ambassador
    Steve joined our team after experiencing first-hand the difference a Beat the Seat programme can make. With over 30 years’ experience running successful sales companies he is highly focused on excellent customer service and employee well-being.

Get in touch with BtS

Fill out the form to contact the Beat the Seat team.

Get in touch with BtS

Fill out the form to contact the Beat the Seat team.

Get in touch with BtS

Fill out the form to contact the Beat the Seat team.

Get in touch with BtS

Fill out the form to contact the Beat the Seat team.

Get in touch with BtS

Fill out the form to contact the Beat the Seat team.

“Helping people understand how their bodies can work more effectively at work, is something I love doing.”

Mark McCall, Osteopath and Beat The Seat Co-founder

Scientifically evaluating the BtS effect

To evaluate how staff can avoid ‘the sitting disease’ at work, Beat the Seat collaborated with The University of Bedfordshire and the Leicester Diabetes Centre in a thorough scientific evaluation. The main aim of the research was to establish what effect the simple behaviour changes advocated by BtS had on office staff performance at Kier

A participant’s view

I was initially a little apprehensive as I wasn’t sure what to expect from the programme. There was something in the back of my mind though telling me to go and see what it was all about and I’m so glad that I did. From the start the way the programme was structured made you

An employer’s thoughts

“A health intervention at work is important to our staff”….  Kier Group took part in Beat the Seat’s scientific survey assessing the effectiveness of their programme. Their Health and Wellbeing Specialist, Carol Wells, gave her thoughts on the impact the programme had on the company and the feedback from their staff. “We wanted to encourage

Our short intro to Beat the Seat

The impact of prolonged sitting