Get Staff Moving To Achieve More!

Improve staff health and productivity in a few simple, proven steps….

Every employee gets a comprehensive health check so we can tailor the BtS programme to their individual needs.

This includes an 8-point NHS standard health check where, along with recording heart rate, blood pressure, BMI and cholesterol levels, staff also complete a lifestyle questionnaire. These are all then compiled into an easy-to-read report for them to take home.

We help educate staff about poor office habits – particularly prolonged sitting – and gently nudge people towards more productive habits instead.

As Einstein said, learning shouldn’t be boring and at BtS we make it as interesting and fun as possible. Using powerful education presentations and group learning we help staff understand how small habit changes can make a huge difference to their health, wellbeing and productivity.

Easy physical challenges are just one way BtS helps people to move more, sit less and become more productive at work.

Each challenge is specifically designed to be as achievable and enjoyable as possible, so even if you hate going to the gym you can still win!

As well as that, we also introduce staff to our unique ‘sedentary trackers’, which allow us to help them to reach their goals, as well as motivational Point-Of Decision-Prompts.

For a full list of the the techniques we use, please send your query to

Our regular 1-to-1 support not only ensures that staff members stay engaged and motivated within their programme, but also keeps their new, more productive work habits for far longer too!

But don’t just take our word for it. Careful scientific evaluation by impartial experts has shown that a typical BtS programme has a 95% satisfaction value and results in 23% less sitting, 19% more activity and 9% more productivity at work.  And the good news continues as participants lose up to 2kg in weight without the need of a gym or a diet! See all the evidence here.

“Results confirmed that overall: participants had lost weight, reduced inches around their waists, increased their daily activity. … I thought the team were very friendly, supportive and professional and I would recommend them to any other business. I am hoping the initiative can be used throughout the company.”

C Wells, HR Health and Wellbeing Specialist at Kier Group plc Kier Company Logo