Why we should all sit less in the office and the scientific proof that Beat the Seat works

Why sitting at a desk all day is a real problem:

  • Because prolonged sitting (of more than 30 mins), increases the risk of many diseases including cancers, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Indeed, having a sedentary role at work for more than 10 years doubles your chances of developing colon cancer (UK Dept of Health)
  • Because regular exercise is no defence against this “Sitting Disease”, but behaviour change is (Mayo Clinic).
  • Because over their careers, office workers can spend 80,000 hours sitting. That’s 9.13 years or 76% of every working day (Workplace Insight).
  • Because absenteeism costs UK employers £18 billion per year or £554 per employee (CIPD).
  • Because improved staff health and wellbeing reduces staff absenteeism & turnover, as well as boosting job satisfaction and productivity (Comcare).

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The scientific proof behind Beat the Seat

Because we’re passionate about workplace health we wanted to precisely quantify the benefits of using a BtS program. So we teamed up with the University of Bedfordshire and the Leicester Diabetes Centre who rigorously analysed one of our workplace behaviour change programs.

Read the full story of the study programme here….

And the results of their scientific study have been fantastic! They showed that by following the BtS programme staff become 9% more productive as they become 66% more active and 23% less sedentary and can lose up to 2kgs in weight. That’s great news for the individual as well as for the bottom-line.

Read the full research paper here…. (from the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine)

The behaviour changes we advocate are ones that staff can use throughout their working lives, ensuring on-going benefits to both employer and employee. This means BtS is not only cost-effective in the short term (from as little as £2.99/employee) but continues to sustain value over the long-term as well.

Just a few of the charities who agree it’s best to Beat the Seat:

Heart UK is “The Cholesterol Charity”, providing support, guidance and education to everyone with concerns about cholesterol.

"Paths For All" is a charity that champions walking for everyone, everyday and everywhere.

Heart Research UK is a charity that funds pioneering medical research and encourages communities to live healthier lifestyles.

The Sedentary Behaviour Research Network (SBRN) is an educational organisation focusing on the health impact of sedentary behaviour.

“Working with Beat the Seat we have successfully changed the working behaviours of our people and created more dynamic and active work places. We have over 70 consultants in roles that involve significant desk work and meeting time - we wanted to ensure this isn't detrimental to their wellbeing. The feedback from our people was extremely positive and the project will have a long-lasting impact on the way our teams organise time and their working behaviours.”

C Tattersall, CEO, CityPress