I want to ride my bicycle (& get away from British Politics)

Hello again, most of you know by now that we’re all keen cyclists at BtS. Not a day goes by without a puncture, near-miss or a stolen bike story! So we were super excited (probably more than we should’ve been to be honest ) to hear that the biggest underground bike parking garage in the world has opened, with over 6,000 spaces in Utrecht, Holland. If that’s not enough, if the first 6,000 spaces go well the goal is to have some 22,000 parking spaces for bikes open as soon as possible. And after a quick peek, it all looks so clean and shiny – even if you didn’t have a bike, you’d want one just to say you’ve been there.

So, the first question we asked was the obvious one – “why can’t we do that here?” which was quickly followed by this thought – having lovely parking spaces makes more people want to ride a bike. How easy is that. No catchy slogan or expensive marketing, just the knowledge that your bike’s being looked after well.

And that’s what we do at BtS, only instead of looking after your bike we look after your body. And just like in Utrecht, we keep it simple. That way more people are likely to begin beating their seat!