Do I smell a fish?

I was asked a question recently by a new client, that made me a little confused and very uncomfortable. It was simply this – “ Are you trying to pull a fast one?”

I had no idea what he was talking about. Then he told me all about an article he’d recently read entitled “How the media oversold standing desks as a fix for inactivity at work”

Not Us

Even though Beat The Seat has nothing to do with these desks, after I read the piece I understood his point. Almost single-handedly, the story it describes has blown the world of workplace health into some disarray.

If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, the basic premise is that, as the huge consequences of prolonged sitting are becoming clearer, manufacturers of height adjustable desks have dishonestly positioned themselves as the ONLY answer to it.

Furthermore, they are accused of having unscrupulous double standards, actively promoting sedentary behaviour as a serious public health issue, whilst  simultaneously marketing their product as the saving resolution, to the very same public.

Commercial Interests

One name comes off particularly badly here. As director of  “Active Working”, Gavin Bradley has helped to construct the only ‘Expert Statement’ related to the governmental guidelines related to sedentary behaviour. Unquestionably, a noble act.

Unfortunately though, Mr Bradley is also the 100% owner of Sit-Stand Trading Limited, a company whose aim is to sell as many, you guessed it, sit-stand desks as possible.

It’s a Question of Trust

If that strikes you as a bit shady, please don’t worry. There are plenty of alternatives out there, whose motives remain clear and can’t be tarred with the same brush.

At Beat The Seat for instance, we pride ourselves on the honesty and care we provide to our clients.  That is why we only employ healthcare professionals, able to use their knowledge and experience to achieve the best results.