To sit-stand or not to sit-stand?

One of the most common questions we’re asked by companies we work with, is which type of new desk is the best to buy for a dynamic workforce.

And very often, our response raises a few eyebrows. What we say is, don’t! Not immediately anyway. That’s because though a new mobile friendly workstation can help they are, at best, only part of the answer to how to get and to keep the workforce moving.

If, for instance, staff members don’t realise why a new desk has been implemented in their office, or know how it works properly, they very quickly stop using it for its intended purpose and either revert back to their old habits and just sit at it all day or alternatively, stand still at it all day. Both of these scenarios are not only a huge waste of the company’s money but also of the individual’s time.

Instead it is much better to do something that some might find a bit onerous. And that is to simply talk to individual staff members about what they think. Presenting them with the facts and options in a clear and concise way not only raises their involvement and engagement, it also means their parent company might actually not need to spend loads of money on new desks after all, saving the business a fortune!