Can Exercise Protect You From All the Bad of The Sitting Disease?

This is a very common question. Surely we can all sit for as long as we want because if we exercise later, all the bad effects will be wiped out. Right. Wrong. Well mostly wrong.

The Lancet has recently published scientific discoveries¬†showing that this can be done, but only if we get 60-75 minutes of moderate activity every day. Which doesn’t sound like much does it, but hands up. Who thinks they reach that activity target. Every single day. As the British Heart Foundation’s most recent estimate for the number of UK adults not reaching just 150 minutes of exercise A WEEK stands at 20 million, you’re not alone if you get nowhere near that amount.

The obvious answer is to try and sit less and move more (notice I used the word ‘move’ rather than ‘exercise’). So come on and Beat Your Seat. It’ll probably be the easiest (and best thing) you’ll ever do.